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Will you distinguish between N95 and KN95 masks

1. Medical surgical masks, the sealing performance is not as good as medical protective masks and KN masks, the particle filtration efficiency can not reach 95%, but the bacteria filtration efficiency can reach more than 95% (the next article will explain in detail), the ventilation resistance is low, there are Better wearing comfort, can meet the ordinary risk of operation; more liquid-proof than KN masks. Comprehensive evaluation, daily use can choose medical surgical masks, try to choose surgical masks.

2. The KN mask does not take the fluid barrier capability as a required index, and its moisture resistance is not guaranteed. Therefore, this mask cannot be used for medical operations, especially high-risk operations with the possibility of splashing. KN95 can not be used in medical institutions, but its excellent PFE filtering ability, we can use it in daily use.

3. There is also a mask with a breathing valve in the KN type. Because the flow of the breathing valve is only one-way protection, it can not cut off the propagation path well. From the perspective of epidemic control, two-way protection is the most correct way. For patients with respiratory diseases entering the medical area, for the safety of others, please choose to wear a mask without a breathing valve.

4. The standard of medical protective masks (GB19083-2010) clearly states that “should not have a breathing valve”, therefore, those with breathing valves must not be medical masks! Medical protective masks are generally applicable to various medical institutions, but should be used reasonably in accordance with the level of protection.

Summarize the difference between KN95 and N95: KN95 is not a medical protective mask, and its implementation standard is GB2626-2006 / 2019 ("Respiratory protection self-priming filter anti-particulate respirator"), which can be used corresponding to the ordinary N95 masks in the United States. Therefore, "KN95" will never be printed on the packaging of "Medical Protective Mask" or "Medical N95 Mask"! vice versa.