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Introduction of medical protective masks

The medical protective mask consists of a mask face and a tightening belt. The mask face is divided into inner, middle and outer layers. The inner layer is ordinary hygienic gauze or non-woven fabric. The middle layer is an ultra-fine polypropylene fiber meltblown material layer. The outer layer It is a non-woven fabric or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material layer. This high-efficiency medical protective mask is highly hydrophobic and breathable, and has a significant filtering effect on tiny virus aerosols or harmful fine dust. The overall filtering effect is good, and the materials used are non-toxic and harmless, and comfortable to wear.

Medical protective masks are the best supplies to prevent respiratory infectious diseases, and everyone should carry them with them.

☆ Protect the human body from the suspended particles in the air

☆ Suitable for the protection of medical staff in infectious disease areas

☆ Suitable for the protection of virus laboratory personnel

☆Protection of various personnel during the epidemic of infectious diseases

☆ Toxic chemistry, mine workers, pollen allergy workers

☆ Individual soldier protection of army biochemical weapons