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Are nitrile gloves poisonous?

Most protective gloves have a single color, white or transparent, but there are exceptions. Those are nitrile gloves. Are colorful nitrile gloves poisonous?

Nitrile gloves are non-toxic, and nitrile gloves are rich in color due to the addition of pigments in the production. Therefore, it is worrying whether the pigments added to nitrile gloves are toxic and have adverse effects on the human body. There are many kinds of pigments added to nitrile gloves. This worry is simple: as long as the gloves meet the regulations, the gloves are non-toxic and the paint is safe.

First of all, no matter what pigments are used in gloves, the corresponding national standards require them to be safe. For example, in the national standards for disposable gloves, GB7543-2006 "Disposable Sterile Rubber Surgical Gloves", GB10213-2006 "Disposable Medical Rubber Observation Gloves" and so on. There is a clear stipulation that any paint used should be non-toxic. Therefore, the selection of materials for disposable gloves that meet the requirements will certainly meet the relevant requirements to ensure that the gloves are qualified and can be circulated smoothly in the market.

Are nitrile gloves poisonous?

In the production process of nitrile gloves, pigments are added at the raw material stage. However, if there are significant differences in glove products, the relevant national standards will require the product to be tested to see if it meets the relevant requirements. Therefore, in order to ensure that the product meets the regulations, the glove supplier will control the pigment process to ensure that the product meets the requirements.

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