Syringe Injection Factory

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  • 1. Full range volume of 0.3ml, 0.5ml,1ml
    2. UItra fine needle from 27~32G with length from customer
    3. Uni-body design with fixed needle but no dead space
    4. Sterilized by EO or Gamma, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic
    5. Single cap or double caps for option
    6. Single blister, Poly bag, Plastic tray package all available

  • 1. 1m, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml are available
    2. Luer slip, luer lock syringes optional
    3. Syringe and needle packed separately
    4. Sterilization, valid period for 5 years
    5. OEM/ODM service are welcome
    6. 30% balance after receiving if cooperation over $500,000

  • 1. Luerlock tip,Low dead space, w/needle, w/o needle
    2. Available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your specific
    3. Made of polycarbonate or polypropylene for different field
    4. Clear, bold unobstructed graduations
    5. Bulk and single blister package for option

  • 1. Luerslip, Luerlock, permanently attached needle
    2. Low dead space and regular for option
    3. Clear, bold unobstructed graduations
    4. Ultra sharp needle minimizes pain on injection
    5. Single blister, plastic tray packages for option
    6. 50 units and 100 units mode are available

  • 1. Ready to use 3-in-1 safety design
    2. Intuitive, one-handed activation
    3. Bevel orientation,so that is safety shield is up, the needle bevel is up
    4. Single use to help comply with OSHA regulations
    5. Contains latex\Latex free

  • 1. Fixed type, Rotating type, Safety type
    2. UItra-thin wall needles allow maximum blood flow
    3. UItra-sharp for smoother,more comfortable penetration
    4. Double entry points on needle for quick collection
    5. Easy removal of luer cap

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